Mumpreneur Business Academy

(6 month coaching programme for the dream Life & Business - exclusively for female entrepreneurs)

Does any of this sound like you……

  • You’re looking to start or grow your business to give you the lifestyle you're dreaming of.  
  • Your working all the hours but your business has been moving slower than you like and you need a little guidance to get you where you want to go. 
  • You’re looking to progress to the next stage in your business and start working smarted not harder with more freedom.  
  • You’re not in the financial position to invest thousands in coaching but want to work with someone who has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals and with someone who has been exactly where you are (I Took my income from 24k to 120k in my first year!)

If you are 100% ready to take that step and promise to give it your all to create that future you want, then I have exactly what you need……..

What I've got for you and how it will solve your problem

The Mumpreneur Business Academy runs for six months guiding you through the step by step process to get you where you need to go. We do this with with my signature system...

The Triple F System

FAMILY - We start off by focusing on mastering your mindset and digging deep for that future vision for your family lifestyle and your business, because it needs to align! After all, that's what we usual go into business for - a better life for our family.

FREEDOM - With the mindset for success we will strategically map out your plan of action, implementing smart income streams suitable for your future vision. Time to work smarter not harder. I'll help you claim back your time and increase your income.

FORMULA - Once we have mastered the art of positive mindset and have a rock solid plan that will skyrocket your life & business, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty action taking and implementing of the formula that will change your future.

Together we will set those solid business foundations and do all of the ground work needed for a successful business that supports the lifestyle you dream of.  

Mindset, smart income streams and strategy are the key to building a successful lifestyle and business that completely aligns. This is what will help you break past the barriers that are keeping you stuck. Help you take your business up to the next level. Working smarter and freeing up your time. No more going round and round in circles. I will take you every step of the way


A little about me and how I have helped others

I’m a multiple business owner who was working a full-time job just over a year ago trying to make my side hustle work and going nowhere fast.  

Then things changed! 

Now, I have the freedom and lifestyle to enjoy travelling and living life to the full with my little family (before the bloody lock-down of course). We've had so many holidays, more than ever affordable before. We've been to the Caribbean, New York, Lanzarote, Portugal, Tenerefe, Bulgaria and we have UK breaks almost every weekend. We've just bough a holiday home in West Wales too! I have to pinch myself; it blows my mind. 

In just 1 year I catapulted multiple business to success and replaced my full time income going from a 24K salary to 120K in my first year with that income growing and growing. I learned to value myself and my lifestyle above all else and by mastering my mindset I was able to implement a kick ass business strategy that gives me the freedom and lifestyle to travel and enjoy my precious time with my family. I unlocked a whole new world full of possibilities with the key to success which I am passionate about sharing with other biz mums.  

Life’s too short to be doing anything other than what makes you truly happy.  

I’ve helped clients move their businesses forward creating more income doing less work and I've shared the excitement of the 1st sale with so many new business owners who have been struggling to get sales. I’ve helped women to work smarter and faster, beating procrastination and moving their businesses in the direction they want it to go. I help them get seen by their ideal clients using the same steps I took myself. I’ve been invited on to radio shows, to speaking events, to give training in online memberships. I teach so many simple methods, like effective sales strategies to convert those leads into sales. I help women make business simple.  

Imagine your future after the coaching programme

Can you imagine what your life could look like by the end of 2020, feeling completely fulfilled and well on your way to that unbelievable lifestyle we have mapped out together, with the business groundwork well and truly set and that strategy already taking action. 2021 will be a whole new world for you with unlimited possibilities the same as the past year and half has been for me. It's changed mine and my families life. Now more than ever is the time to secure your future, when we are in a world full of so much uncertainty for so many business owners. You have the power to change that!

What you get in the

Mumpreneur Business Academy



We focus on Mastering your Mindset & Time before digging deep into the Vision you truly desire for yourself and your familys future.


Ensuring you have the Business Groundwork in place before creating the Killer Strategy that will turn your vision to reality, focusing on Smart Income Streams that will bring you more Flexibility & Freedom.


Total Implementation of the formula that will change your future! Audience Growth, Funnels, Automation & Sales

And there's more!


For every training session, you will get a workbook, that extra helping hand to get you going. Your printable workbooks will allow you to go away from the session and implement everything you’ve been taught step by step. 

Live trainings and Q&A sessions

The training sessions will be LIVE and interactive, giving you a higher level of coaching rather than recorded videos. There will also be question and answer sessions to ensure nothing is left unanswered.

Accountability & Supportive community 

You’ve probably heard it before, successful entrepreneurs don’t go it alone, they need accountability to keep themselves on top of their targets. Within the programme you will have full accountability with weekly check ins from me to see if you’ve hit your targets and you will be placed in your own little accountability group to help spur each other along. This is one of the best ways to work faster with others holding you accountable.  

The programme will also give you a supportive community of likeminded women on the same journey together to success. Ever heard of the saying ‘you become those you surround yourself with’. You will be surrounded by women who are constantly investing in themselves and working to make themselves more valuable, this in itself attracts the personal associations that lead to greater financial success.  

Mini challenges and prizes

This is a fast-paced coaching programme to get you fast results. To give you a bit more encouragement and fire in that belly, I will be hosting mini challenges with prizes along the way to keep you motivated and driven.  

But don’t worry if you can’t keep up, I know life can get in the way sometimes. So, I’m giving you lifetime access to all of the recordings and workbooks, so you can go at your own pace if you want too.  

Guest speakers

Guest Expert Speakers

You will have a number of guest experts coming in to give trainings throughout the programme. This will give you a great range of knowledge and expertise to gain new skills from and is vital for success. 


I liked the thoroughness of the training. It really did cover all bases and I loved Beth's honesty and transparency in terms of steps she had taken and why she was recommending them to others. I think sometimes in trainings, bits of the picture are left out and then you're left puzzling over the missing piece, but Beth's gave a great overview. I was surprised at how mcuh we went through and the supportive materials (workbooks) were really handy in pulling everything together too. It gave me a step-by-step guide to all the important elements to a successful foundation for an online business, so I could very easily spot where there was a gap and I was missing something that was important to my business success. It provided clarity. I found the information extremely useful, especially the conversation around opt-ins and Facebook ads. Farah Hussain - Let Love In

Bethan provided really useful information and advice on mindset, time management, business groundworks and strategy. I like how Bethan gives examples of her own life/business, issues she had previously, and how she has used the techniques she's teaching to turn those around. It helped to have real examples to make the points more relatable. I also love the way Beth explains things, she is clear and easy to understand. I like that she uses stats and references to books etc. she's read to help inform the information she's teachinhg. I'm especially inspired to go away and design a morning routine that works for me, and to up my strategy game, after my coaching intensive with Bethan. Elisabeth Booth - The Giftsmith

Before coaching with Beth, the biggest struggle I had with my business was getting clarity. I knew what I should be doing but I found it difficult to stick to my strategy and not get distracted. I found Beth's knowledge really great because she challenged my way of thinking and was able to get me back to implementing my original strategy! I also really liked the fact that Beth gave lots of real life insights to make everything she spoke about relatable and easy to understand. Beth is really friendly and I was able to relate to her and I know I can achieve great things too! Jade Anne -The Female Intuition

My group coaching session with Bethan was enlightening. I think sometimes we can all get caught up on working in our business as opposed to on our business. Beth's straight up talking and effective goal setting strategy helped me to take a step back and re-focus my approach. Helen Louise - Milkwood Creative

And you also get... Bonus 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with me during the 6 months so I can hone in on your business giving my FULL focus to you and ensure you're on track!

Like with any investment, I had concerns as to whether I was investing wisely in Beth's coaching. I asked myself, would the information and advice actually work for my business. Having incorporated only a few changes to my routine so far, things already seem to be working a lot better. Beth spoke openly about things she had done in business and in her personal life and with the online session being face to face, it was good to see the actual emotion as she spoke about her experiences. I felt Beth really invested her time and focus into the coaching. It was certainly worth the investment. Anjuna Lad - Sweet Fusion Cakes


When does the course start and finish? The programme will start in July and run for 6 months. Watch out for an email releasing all details and enrolment dates. (Check your spam folder and save my email as a contact to avoid my emails ending up in the junk.)  

How long do I have access to the course? Once all modules are available, you will then have lifetime access to the course.

What if I can't make a monthly training session? All sessions will be recorded and added to your course area so you don't need to make every single one.  

Do you offer any refunds? Due to the low price of this course, no refunds are offered.

What format is the content delivered in? The materials will be live group training videos and workbooks. There will also be challenges and prizes.